Achievement Awards

In 2010 the DWLL began an important tradition of recognizing outstanding members with three special awards. These are presented each year at the Summer Awards Banquet.

Congratulations to the 2014 Winners!
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Bob Hogan Spirit Award: Tammy Bouwmeester

2014 Bob Hogan Spirit Award

Rick “Tuggy” Passfield Memorial Award: Stacy Kellough

2014 Rick "Tuggy" Passfield Memorial Award

Sarah Mahoney Builder’s Award: Karen Voycey & Jennifer Ross

Sarah Mahoney Builder's Award

Bob Hogan Spirit Award

Over the years the DWLL has seen some very colorful characters come and go, and each one has helped shaped the dynamic of the league while they were here.  The Bob Hogan award is named after one of these characters.  For years, Bob was the unofficial mascot of the league.  Almost every week he showed up faithfully with his best friend June, and although he was much smaller than she was, his presence was huge.  Bob always arrived full of energy; greeted everyone he met with enthusiasm and coaxed a smile out of just about everyone he ran into.  He was June’s biggest fan and cheered loudly for her whenever she was on the floor, but deferred quietly to June when she took the time, very often, to offer some coaching or advice to newer players.

It should be mentioned that Bob weighed about ten pounds and usually had to be snuck into the arena in June’s equipment bag.  He was a feisty little Maltese terrier with a button nose and a bandana for every occasion.

This award is meant to honour the spirit that Bob brought to the arena.  It goes to the player in our league who most exemplifies both his positive qualities and the kind of quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) leadership June has always offered to those around her.

Download The Bob Hogan Award nomination form here

Rick “Tuggy” Passfield Memorial Award

In the first years of the DWLL, one of our goalies, Sheila Passfield, stood out in the net as a force to be reckoned with.  It soon became apparent where her goaltending expertise was coming from.  She had a son who had been a goalie throughout his lacrosse career and who spent a great deal of time and energy coaching her in the position.  He expected a lot from her and was always pushing her to develop her skills and sense of the game.  He expected the best from her in the same way he expected the best from himself.  He was also clearly her biggest fan, brimming with pride and love for her.

As he became more at home with his mother’s peers, Rick, or “Tuggy” (the name by which everyone knew him) would happily offer our other goalies the same kind of support.  Tuggy became a real presence around the league.  When league members found out he was only sixteen, they remarked frequently about his extraordinary poise and maturity.  He bubbled with that youthful and athletic energy that carries a promise of a better world.  He had an impish sense of humour which gave away his age, but had a strong sense of respect for himself and for everyone around him.  He was a doting and supportive son to Sheila, a nurturing and loving brother to Jordan, who was almost ten years younger than he was, and a highly respected teammate to the young men with whom he played.

Tuggy passed away suddenly on the lacrosse field, training with his team, and the loss was devastating to everyone who knew him.

This award was created to honour Rick Passfield’s memory and the wonderful energy he chose to share with the Durham Women’s Lacrosse League.  It goes to the DWLL goalie who most consistently exemplifies his qualities and his commitment to excellence in lacrosse.

Download The Rick Passfield Award nomination form here

Sarah Mahoney Builder’s Award

In 2000 a woman named Sarah Mahoney saw that, in a region where men and boys had many opportunities to play box lacrosse, those opportunities did not exist for women.  Instead of complaining or wishing things were different, Sarah made a few calls, gathered some women together who just wanted to play, and started a league.

The first season all they could manage was two teams randomly put together in different combinations every week.  From there it grew to four teams.   Eventually the masters game was introduced and we grew again.  This league has proven definitively that “if you build it, they will come.”

Fourteen years later the Durham Women’s Lacrosse League is one of the strongest Women’s lacrosse organizations in Ontario, comprising a strong box league, a rep box team, and, a recently developed stick check league that is quickly expanding and becoming a viable option for many players.  Our league is putting women on the benches of girls’ teams in minor leagues, as well as women referees on the floor, and our daughters are taking up the game. We’ve come a long way in fourteen years.

Of course Sarah didn’t do this single handedly.  It required the help of committed volunteers along the way.  But it took one person to get the ball rolling.

The Sarah Mahoney Builder’s Award is meant to honour the spirit of initiative and vision in those people who see a need and take action to address it.  It goes to the DWLL member who has demonstrated that initiative and the commitment to building girls’ and women’s lacrosse in the Durham Region.

Download The Sarah Mahoney Award nomination form here

Past Winners


Bob Hogan Spirit Award – Lara Sevink
Rick “Tuggy” Passfield Memorial Award – Renee McGuire
Sarah Mahoney Builder’s Award – Michelle Wormald


Bob Hogan Spirit Award – Cara Brookfield
Rick “Tuggy” Passfield Memorial Award – Karen Alexander
Sarah Mahoney Builder’s Award – June Hogan


Bob Hogan Spirit Award – Lorna Lomax
Rick “Tuggy” Passfield Memorial Award – Michelle Bretherick


Bob Hogan Spirit Award – Tania Paulozza
Rick “Tuggy” Passfield Memorial Award – Deb Brown
Sarah Mahoney Builder’s Award – Dave Sawyer

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